Why Attend WPATC 2018?

Why Attend WPATC 2018?

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"Psychiatry needs to continue to develop as an evidence based science and become more and more relevant in a congested and crowded mental health environment. The theme of this Congress is an important step in meeting these challenges and ensuring psychiatry is part of an ever evolving and changing society. Society expect and in some cases, demands the most modern and up to date techniques, medicines and treatments, especially when dealing with the complexities of mental health.
There is nothing more exciting than a Congress that brings to the table new ideas, new thoughts and innovative thinking about tackling and treating mental health and psychiatric illnesses, presented by proven experts, for attendees to discuss, challenge and enhance.
This is an opportunity to attend such a congress, in the beautiful and culturally diverse city of Melbourne."

Andrew C Peters
Chief Executive Officer
The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists

“I am delighted to be participating in the WPA Melbourne 2018, and to present a plenary address on a hot new topic in psychiatry that is not without controversy, namely the entity of “mixed features” for mood episodes.  My talk is entitled: “Treatment of Major Depressive Episodes with Mixed Features:  Does a “whiff” mean treatment with an atypical antipsychotic and not an antidepressant?”

I am excited about being able to present this topic and discuss it with international colleagues, including discussions of the new guidelines for this entity which I published with numerous colleagues very recently. I will also be giving a second talk during the Congress on a topic in psychopharmacology.”

Stephen Stahl

"The fact that WPA’s ultimate goal is to promote the advancement of psychiatry and mental health for all citizens of the world is one of the many reasons why it is important for psychiatrists to attend the WPATC 2018. What better possibility to exchange views with other mental health professionals from the 138 member societies of 118 countries? As participants, you can seize the chance to benefit from and contribute to the WPA’s collaborative work with international organisations and research institutions. Why not fight alongside a strong advocate such as WPA and contribute to tackling key problems related to the mental health of people globally?

What makes this congress unique is its imperative focus on innovation: New ideas, new discoveries, new ways of implementing advances and new technological solutions are all fundamental to the work of modern 21st century psychiatry. The WPA Thematic Congress will intensify its emphasis on all relevant areas of psychiatric research including all mental disorders in order to develop the innovative progress in diagnosis, treatment and scientific research."

Peter Falkai

​“Psychiatrists from around the globe will be exposed to the shared worldwide knowledge about effective interventions for actually needed innovation in our field. By presenting evidence and allowing comprehensive discussions through innovative formats this WPA Thematic Congress will allow us to take away the tools for real changes.”

Univ. Prof. Dr. Michaela Amering Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Medical University of Vienna

​“This opportunity is not to be missed! I am very much looking forward to the WPA Thematic Congress 2018 in Melbourne Australia with its theme of Innovation in Psychiatry: Effective interventions for health and society.  Melbourne is a great place to visit with much to see and fabulous dining and the program is exciting and inspiring, exploring latest knowledge and practice in the area of substance use and mental health.  Not ‘more of the same’, it will very much be real sharing and learning from colleagues from across the world about how to impact and change the lives of those in our community.”

A/Prof Yvonne Bonomo MBBS FRACP PhD FAChAM
Physician in Addiction Medicine & Adolescent Medicine
Director, Department of Addiction Medicine St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne

Oye Gureje.jpg

"As we set out on the exciting journey towards the Sustainable Development Goals, in which the achievement of universal health coverage and, specifically, a focus on expanding mental health service, are highlighted, there is a need to explore and utilize innovative approaches to delivering mental health care. The evidence in recent years suggests that innovations for such care are coming from diverse sources, including from settings in low- and middle-income countries. The WPA meeting in Melbourne provides a unique opportunity to share and learn about these innovations, with the potential for creating a ripple effect for the benefit of service users and their careers everywhere." 

Oye Gureje, Professor and Director

WHO Collaborating Centre for Research and Training in Mental Health, Neuroscience and Substance Abuse

Department of Psychiatry

University of Ibadan, Nigeria


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